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About Us

Every member of the Quick Paws crew is devoted to providing a fun, safe experience for your pet.

We take the time to get to know each member of your furry family individually. Our goal is to be there for your pets when you’re simply too busy to give them the attention they each deserve. Quick Paws is fully bonded and insured and our entire staff is trained in American Red Cross Animal First Aid.

Quick Paws is an equal opportunity employer, and we’re always looking for motivated, detail-oriented animal lovers to work with us. Click here for our online job application  or Click here for our downloadable version.

Our Team

Charla’s dog hiking adventures after college led to the inspiration of a lifetime, and her passion for this business continues to make it her favorite endeavor.  Charla is forever perfecting Quick Paws along with Idri (“AYE-dree,” arguably the Worst Dog Ever for bad habits like chasing chickens and stealing bagels), and his sidekick and most devoted fan, Camas.  When not coordinating the day at Quick Paws, Charla and her husband Sam can be found at home on their ranch with Idri, Camas, far too many horses, a dozen cows, three hound dogs, and the world’s fastest five chickens.

Mel is a born and raised Montanan, born in Billings but moved to Missoula to pursue a degree in Organismal Biology. She graduated in 2014 and decided to join the Quick Paws crew due to her love of dogs and an interest in their care. When she’s not running the show as Quick Paws’ Senior Manager, you can find her hiking or relaxing with her black lab Gunnar!

Michael was born and raised in North Dakota where he received his degree in Zoology at NDSU. Mike, his partner Joy, and cat Archer longed for adventure though and to escape the prairies in search for mountains. They all moved to Missoula in 2016 and rescued a new family member, their dog Andi!  Mike grew up with several different pets so he feels right at home with his new doggy friends at Quick Paws. Mike enjoys everything Quick Paws has to offer and the new challenges as Senior Manager.

Although she grew up in Washington, Crystal was born in Bozeman and Montana has always felt like home.  Crystal enjoys exploring the mountains and small towns as well as hitting up her favorite Missoula hangouts.  In her spare time, Crystal can be found at home reading, crafting, or simply relaxing with her cats Asil and Kara.  She is happy to be part of the Quick Paws team as our Assistant Manager!

After passing through Montana on many road trips, Jessica absolutely fell in love with it.  She moved from Chicago with her rescue dog Finn, and both are enjoying the switch to nature.  Finn loves the long hikes with Jessica and the relaxing snuggles after.  Once Finn is finally all tuckered out, Jessica enjoys searching the library for stacks of books, cooking vegan food, watching movies (the scarier the better), and listening to podcasts.  She is so excited in her career working with animals as Quick Paws Staff Manager!


Xia, a rescued Lab Mix, would probably describe Kendra as laid-back, adventurous, and passionate about animal rescue. Xia enjoys following Kendra, a Montana native, on backpacking trips and horseback rides. Kendra can also be found snowboarding and visiting theme parks. She enjoys being Quick Paws’ specialized Cat Groomer!

Grant was born and raised in Montana.  He’s a certified pet groomer by profession and in his free time Grant enjoys exploring Montana with his four furry family members by his side.  He also spends time fostering all dogs of every size, shape, color, and temperament to help each one find their forever home.

Maura was born and raised a Montana girl and she loves it here so much she’s found it simply impossible to leave!  Maura was meant for the mountains, rock hounding and camping in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Maura especially enjoys cuddles with her cat, Runt, but generally loves animals more than humans.

Corina moved from Washington to Missoula 26 years ago to be closer to family. Her love of animals started with her childhood dog “Lady”, a German Shepherd mix.  Her current dog, golden retriever “Rocky” is Corina’s perfect sidekick for any Montana adventure. They love the outdoors, especially ice cream, bike rides, and playing fetch for hours.  Corina and Rocky wouldn’t charge a thing!

Erin is a lifelong animal lover who had to temporarily say goodbye to three cats and a German shepherd, Brunhilde, when she moved to Missoula, leaving them in the loving care of her parents. With a hole in her heart she found Quick Paws, and now the pets she gets to interact with fill her heart with joy. She loves plants, sewing, and crafting of any kind. Her heart beats for sweet cats like her handsome Archie.

Jay has always been animal lover and admirer of the outdoors, which makes Montana the best place to grow up and the hardest place to leave. Although she grew up surrounded by dogs, apartment living inspired Jay to get a cat for the first time and little Twee stole her heart! Whenever she gets a break from catering to his every whim she can be found hiking around any old logging road she can find or reading an array of books. Jay couldn’t be more excited to spend her time caring for all the wonderful animals who come to Quick Paws!

Tannah is the inspiration behind Quick Paws. She found Charla in New Mexico in 2001, a puppy with boundless energy and a gift for sprinting. Tannah simply wouldn’t settle down without a good romp in the woods with her pals, and so Quick Paws came to be. Tannah loved to run more than anything in the world, and her enthusiasm for the mountains will forever be missed. Her spirit carries on in our hikes…running circles around us, as always.