Rates depend on your location, number of pets, and specific services desired.
Please contact us for an exact rate quote.
Prices shown are effective as of December 1st, 2018.

Dog Boarding

48-hour cancellation required
Before/After hours $10/10 min (max 30 min)
Laundry, Clean-up,
Additional Time fees may apply
Free bath for 5+ nights
10% off for 7+ nights

Boarding (per 24 hours) $48
$72 for two dogs, same kennel
$86 for two, separate kennel

Dog Daycare

Before/After hours $10/10 min (max 30 min)

Hourly (per hour) $7
($11 for two dogs)
Half Day (up to 6 hours) $20
($32 for two dogs)
Full Day (more than 6 hours) $30
($48 for two dogs)

Home Care

Windows: Before 9am, 11am-1pm,
1-3pm & after 5pm
24-Hour cancellation required
Beyond range +$1/mile

Quick Visit (15 minutes) $25
Extended Visit
(25 minutes) $35
Additional Time
(per 10 min) $10


Shuttle (departs QP at 9am & 5pm) $18
Dog Soap & Scrub
(daycare or boarding only)
Leash Walk (30-min at QP) $10
One-on-One Time (per 10 min) $10
Photo Update (via email) $12
Gourmet Treat $1
Dog House Food (cup/can) $1 / $2
Dog Frontline $20 / $24

Professional Grooming

We offer a full range of grooming services for cats, dogs, and other house pets.  Some services are listed here or call us for a more detailed estimate!

(406) 721-1943