Rates depend on your location, number of pets, and specific services desired.
Please contact us for an exact rate quote.
Prices shown are effective as of December 1st, 2018.


48-hour cancellation required
Before/After hours $10/10 min (max 30 min)
Laundry, Clean-up,
Additional Time fees may apply
Free bath for 5+ nights
10% off for 7+ nights

Boarding (per 24 hours) $48
$72 for two dogs, same kennel
$86 for two, separate kennel


Before/After hours $10/10 min (max 30 min)

Hourly (per hour) $7
($11 for two dogs)
Half Day (up to 6 hours) $20
($32 for two dogs)
Full Day (more than 6 hours) $30
($48 for two dogs)

Home Care

Windows: Before 9am, 11am-1pm,
1-3pm & after 5pm
24-Hour cancellation required
Beyond range +$1/mile

Quick Visit (15 minutes) $25
Extended Visit
(25 minutes) $35
Additional Time
(per 10 min) $10


Shuttle (departs QP at 9am & 5pm) $18
Soap & Scrub
(daycare or boarding only)
Leash Walk (30-min at QP) $10
One-on-One Time (per 10 min) $10
Photo Update (via email) $12
Gourmet Treat $1
House Food (cup/can) $1 / $2
Frontline $20 / $24

Professional Grooming

We offer a full range of grooming services for cats, dogs, and other house pets.  Some services are listed here or call us for a more detailed estimate!

(406) 721-1943