Home Care



Home Care

If you have extended vacation plans or just a long day at the office, let us check in on your pet! Many animals (especially cats) prefer to stay home rather than board while you’re away. We can feed meals, administer medication, and spend quality time with your pets. If your dog is begging to come to daycare but you’re too busy to drop him off or if your flight leaves before dawn, we’ll come pick him up! We offer a 9am and 5pm shuttle every day of the week.

Home care is offered during windows of time throughout the day so we can be sure to visit your pet when he’s expecting us. We can also water plants, bring in mail, change up the lights, and check on vacant homes (even if you don’t have pets) during your absence. If plans change, we ask for 24-hours’ notice to cancel home care. If you’re an existing client, click here to schedule services, review your pet’s history, or make a payment online.

Home Care Rates

Windows: Before 9am, 11am-1pm,
1-3pm & After 5pm
24- Hour cancellation required
Beyond range +$1/mile

Quick Visit (15 min)   $25
Extended Visit (25 min)  $35
Additional Time (per 10 min) $10

The Introductory Interview

For all our Home Care services, we’d like to come to your home in advance of our first visit so you can show us. We’ll ask you some detailed questions in order to understand your pet’s personality, routines, medications, and habits. Tell us about your pet’s preferences and needs, and rest easy knowing your furry family is in good hands.

Appointments are required for interviews, and things are busy at Quick Paws! We’ll do our very best to schedule an interview as promptly as possible, but please be aware we sometimes limit new clients to be sure we’re providing the very best personalized services for pets already in our care.

Our waiting list for new clients is usually several months but home care is flexible. Call now to schedule a time to go through the details!