Quick Paws offers high-quality grooming for all house pets–even hamsters and iguanas! We have several professional groomers with more than thirty years’ combined grooming experience and we are here to take care of all your pet grooming needs! Whether your dog or cat needs a thorough bath and brush (great for those fantastic shedders!), a full groom, or just a quick toenail trim, our grooming gurus have you covered. We use only the highest-quality natural products and our state-of-the-art facility provides a safe, spotlessly-clean environment for your pet. Stop in for a tour any time!

Groomer MichelleMichelle

Michelle has a great passion for both dogs and cats! As a Certified Master Groomer from the Rochester Institute of Animal Care, Michelle has groomed all kinds of unusual animals—including hamsters! Michelle takes pride in her work and especially loves working with puppies. As a new member of the Quick Paws team, Michelle promises to treat your dogs as her own and has an amazing calming patience with cats unlike anyone we’ve ever met. Her many years of experience have equipped her to do even the most specialized trims and persuade even the most persnickety felines. She looks forward to meeting you and your furry friends!


Courtney has been working with animals for nearly 8 years. Her first job was as a kennel assistant while she attended school for the fine arts. At her second kennel job, a friend encouraged her to mix her love of animals with her passion for art.  Courtney has now been a professional groomer for more than three years and loves everything about her career choice!


We’re looking for an experienced groomer to join our team!  Click Here for more information and to fill out an application.

Some examples of our work:

















We require proof of current rabies vaccination for all groom pets and ask they be healthy enough for grooming.  If your pet is elderly or becomes ill before your appointment, please call us for grooming options.

As with our other services, Quick Paws has a cancellation policy for our grooming appointments. We ask our clients please give one day’s notice of any changes to the appointment to avoid being charged the full price of the groom. If you’re unable to cancel the day prior but call at least four hours in advance of the appointment, we may be able to discount the full groom price at the groomer’s discretion. No-shows are charged the full price of the groom. We charge $10 for every 15 minutes a client is late for their grooming appointment. After 20 minutes, our groomer reserves the right to cancel the appointment in addition to the late fees and reschedule at their discretion. Quick Paws may waive the fees if it is feasible for us to do so. Walk-ins are welcome based on availability, and we’ll do our best to fit you in at your convenience!

Whatever grooming needs your dog or cat may have, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the results. Michelle, Allie and Siobhan look forward to meeting you and your fluffy family members! For detailed pricing information and to schedule a grooming appointment, call us at (406) 721-1943.

Grooming Price Estimate

Prices vary depending on your pet’s breed and coat as well as your expectations and desires.
Call us for a detailed price estimate at (406) 721-1943.
We’ll always do our best!


(Nail trim, glands, ear cleaning already included)

Nails – Dremel  $8 / $12
Teeth Cleaning  $8 / $10
Dremel & Teeth package $14 / $18
Nail Caps $30

Extra Brushing $15 per quarter-hour block
De-Skunking +$30
Express Groom +$40 (Advanced noticed required)
Bug Shampoo (fleas/ticks/lice)
+$24 Short Hair (e.g. Boxer)
+$30 Medium Hair (e.g. Border Collie)
+$40 Long Hair (e.g. Newfie)

($3 off any two Add-Ons / $5 off any three)
Nail Trim $12 / $16
Nails – Dremel $14 / $20
Paw or Face Trim $10 – $20
Sanitary Shave $12 / $18
Gland Expression $16 / $22
Teeth Treatment $10 / $14
Ear Cleaning $10
Nail Caps  $35 + trim fee


BATH, Short Hair  $40
BATH, Medium Hair $50-55
BATH, Long Hair $65-75
HAIR CUT (& bath) +$20-30
Just a shave $30-65

De-Skunking +$20
Express Groom* +$40
Bug Shampoo +$20

($3 off any two Add-Ons / $5 off any three)
Nail Trim $18
Gland Expression $16
Ear Cleaning $10
Nail Caps (+ trim) $45

*Advanced noticed required